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Monarch and Pollinator Habitat Projects for Natural and Working Lands

A monarch butterfly perched on autumn-colored leaves.

ARCD has received Climate Resilience through Habitat Restoration on California Lands funding through the California Wildlife Conservation Board and California Association of Resource Conservation Districts to plan, install, and monitor two large monarch and pollinator habitat restoration projects on working lands in Amador County.

Selected projects will receive technical assistance from ARCD in developing a habitat planting plan, installing and maintaining habitat, and monitoring monarch and pollinator species throughout the project term.

Project objectives include:

  • Demonstrating successful management of monarch and pollinator habitat on working lands
  • Enchancing pollinator habitat alongside county wildfire recovery and mitigation efforts
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Community education
  • Direct and/or Indirect Benefit to Disadvantaged Communities

Project Designs will include a minimum of one of the following practices:

  • Hedgerows
  • Rangeland Planting
  • Riparian Habitat Restoration 
  • Tree/Shrub Establishment

Grant funding will provide:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Planning of Habitat Design 
  • Installation Materials (plants, seed, irrigation, fencing) and Labor
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Support (selected projects may be monitored over a 10 year period)

Project selection will occur in spring of 2024 and be based on:

  • Project alignment with funding objectives
  • Site location 
  • Funding capacity

If interested, please submit your information here: Monarch & Pollinator Habitat on Working and Private Lands General Interest Form

You may be contacted for a site visit if your site is determined to fit current or future project criteria. Filling out this interest form is not a guarantee of funding or assistance. Depending on interest and/or demand the ARCD may not have the capacity to provide technical assistance to all interest form submissions at this time.

Natural & Working Lands Monarch & Pollinator Habitat Assistance Partner Organizations:

Additional funding for pollinators:

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