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The ARCD provides conservation technical assistance to agricultural producers and individual landowners, initiates and carries-out community-wide conservation programs including programs in agricultural, watershed, and woodland resource management, habitat restoration, irrigation water management, fuels reduction, workshops, classes and scholarships to students pursuing a career in resource management.



Our mission is to promote natural resource conservation in our district through community education and to provide natural resource technical assistance to our constituents.

​Amador Resource Conservation District, through a cooperative agreement with NRCS, recently produced several short videos to highlight Farm Bill programs available to agricultural producers.  The videos were shot locally, and feature farmers, ranchers and conservationists from our district.  
​We are proud of the results; we hope you agree!

​The Amador Resource Conservation District (ARCD) was organized by the Amador County Board of Supervisors on October 16, 1950, under Division IX of the California Public Resources Code.


The district covers 445,500 acres, including all of Amador County, the western portion of Alpine County, and land in Calavaras County owned by the East Bay Municipal Utilities District.
District policies and programs are developed by an elected Board of Directors, consisting of five local landowners. Their primary responsibility is to plan and direct a resource conservation program, obtain assistance, coordinate the help of government agencies and other interested organizations, assign priorities to resource development tasks, and serve as a community clearing-house for information and service.
​The District has several talented staff members and also relies on the personnel of several federal and state agencies. Chief among the cooperating agencies is the Natural Resource Conservation Service, the only agency that receives federal funding for direct technical assistance to districts.


The Amador RCD has worked hard over the past couple of years to be thoughtful and effective in allocating resources. The District develops annual and long-range plans with input from board members, staff, partners and stakeholders. In 2018 the ARCD engaged in a thorough process of evaluating the district and conducting a needs assessment. During this process the ARCD developed a strategic direction document. Below you will see several planning documents from past years and current; in these work plans you will see the goals of the district. Many goals are lofty and may take several years to achieving, while others we are working at achieving daily. These plans are re-evaluated and updated annually. 


ARCD Long Range Plan 2015 -20252019-2021 Strategic Vision/Work Plan2018-2020 Strategic Vision/Work Plan2017-2018 ARCD Work PlanLong Range Plan 2006-2010




People talking in a board room

 The work for the ARCD isn't always done in the field; board members spend a lot of time planning. This is meeting where Amy Stoke, with Solid Ground Consulting, is working with the board and staff to help the district create a vision for the ARCD's future.



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